Therapy Can Help With

  • Depression and anxiety – inability to function or find pleasure in life, worthlessness, constant worrying and panic attacks
  • Relationship problems – such as difficulty in having or sustaining relationships, separation and loss, concerns about sexuality and sexual issues
  • Troubling emotions – such as uncontrollable anger, guilt, shame and unresolved grief
  • Employment problems – such as stress, dissatisfaction and conflict with colleagues
  • Blocks in creativity – both in artistic endeavours or more broadly in creating a life that is fulfilling and dynamic
  • Destructive habits – such as addictions, compulsive behaviours and eating disorders

How I Can Help You

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we'll work to achieve the goal together

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy has, as its focus, the emotional relationship between its two members rather than the exploration of specific, individual...

Group therapy

This is therapy in a small group (usually 6-8 people) that provides an alternative to individual therapy.  A group presents the opportunity to...


Psychotherapy is a similar process to counselling but one that goes deeper into the nature of ourselves and therefore requires more time and...


Counselling tends to be shorter term, perhaps focus on a particular issue or problem, and offers a space to reflect upon, clarify and discover new...

Personal Therapy

There are points in life where we know something needs to change but we become stuck and uncertain, or perhaps feel helpless and anxious in the...