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I had been coping with many traumas over many years and the breakdown of an important relationship was the final straw.  Usually coping, I knew I wasn’t!  Seymour provided a safe place to speak freely about how I felt about my life…..issues I had visited before in previous counselling sessions took on a different meaning, and very slowly I was able to reframe some of my past and see better my place in the present.  Over 18 months I began to feel stronger…..Seymour was kind and compassionate with a real skill of being able to spontaneously restate a perception I had in a different and very helpful way.  I will return to Seymour if I ever feel the need for this type of support in the future.


I found each session useful and was looking forward to having an hour in the week talking about a topic of my choice, taking off pressure of my shoulders (would it be work, family or housemates).  Especially in December, when the pressure of not being good enough would be overwhelming, it was comforting for me to know that a few days later, I would be able to discuss it and take a step back.  Overall, the experience has worked really well for me.  Talking with my father and setting boundaries in the office made a massive difference in my everyday life.  Even though they may have seemed obvious from an external point of view, they weren’t for me.”  

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I feel that I had reached an all-time low after the death of my father, which led me to see a counsellor.  It was my partner who encouraged me to seek therapy as it was having a highly damaging effect on our relationship and my outlook on life.  I didn’t feel like I was the person I used to be and was only drifting further and further away from my old self.  Each day became a struggle to motivate myself to get up and get to work.  At first I was concerned about opening up to a complete stranger, however I felt Seymour’s manner and friendly attitude gradually allowed me to talk about things that I wouldn’t have done with anyone else.  His understanding nature and active listening guided me through my problems and allowed me to begin to organise my thoughts and feelings again.  Counselling is not a quick fix, but a gradual process, one that has allowed me to get back on track with my life.”

KMSales Manager

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